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Vive La Résistance!

The year is 1942. The place is Paris, France. German soldiers occupy the city. You and your comrades must help the French resistance to infiltrate a Nazi general's office and retrieve compromising documents regarding the resistance. Lives are at stake! Can you escape with the secret files before it’s too late?



For up to ten players.


It’s the 19th century, and Egyptomania had gripped the world. Last night you and your companions attended an “unwrapping party” thrown by an eccentric millionaire, in which you actually witnessed a mummy unwrapped, and the treasures held within it’s wrappings. How exciting! There’s just one small problem... The mummy wasn’t too happy about it. Can you return her treasures before she releases her full wrath at dawn?

This room has thematic elements and may not be appropriate for children under 14.

For up to twelve players.

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