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Vive La Résistance!

The German troops that occupy Paris have gotten a hold of a list of members of the French Resistance. If they decode it, the Resistance in Paris is through. You and your comrades must infiltrate a Nazi general's office and retrieve the compromising documents while he is out. Lives are at stake! Can you escape with the secret files before it’s too late?



For two to ten players.                             Difficulty: Advanced

mummy poster.jpg


 An eccentric millionaire invited you and your friends to unwrap an Egyptian mummy at an exclusive party. How exciting! There’s just one small problem... The mummy wasn’t too happy about it. Can you return her treasures before she releases her full wrath at dawn?

This room has thematic elements and may not be appropriate for small children.

For three to ten players.                                                     Difficulty: Average

art heist poster.png

Art Heist

You've been trying for months to infiltrate the Crimson Frame - the world's most notorious art heist ring. One of your contacts puts you on the right track. All you have to do is break in to the ring leader's private art gallery and slip away with her most prized art piece. Simple right? That's what you thought before you faced the security system, the dogs, the retina scanner, the laser field, and the unpickable locks. You have conquered all of that to find there is one last catch. Can your team get in and out in an hour, before the police arrive?

Note: colorblind individuals may struggle with this room.


For two to eight players.                                              Difficulty: Beginner

christmas poster.jpg

Aunt Maybel's Christmas

Your Great Aunt Maybel has sadly passed away. She's left you the entirety of her estate - with one stipulation. You have to host her annual Christmas party for the family. Her favorite Christmas decorations must be displayed... but where are they? Can you find them before the guests arrive in an hour?


 ​Note: Red-green colorblind individuals may struggle with this room.


For two to six players.                                                                               Difficulty: Average

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