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Vive La Résistance!

In the shadows of Nazi occupied Paris, a vital roster of Resistance members falls into enemy hands. As the city's heartbeat quickens, you and your comrades embark on a daring mission: breach a Nazi general's fortress-like office during his absence. The race unfolds against time's cruel grip, lives hanging on a precipice. Can you secure the intelligence and evade capture?



For two to ten players.                                                     Difficulty: Advanced

mummy poster.jpg


Under the enchanting invitation of an eccentric millionaire, you and your friends gather at his lavish mansion. At its heart lies an exquisitely preserved Egyptian mummy, ready for you to unwrap. Whispers of ancient curses linger and the mummy takes her revenge. You must return her treasures to quell her mounting fury before dawn... or else.

This room has thematic elements that may be inappropriate for children under 10.

For three to ten players.                                                     Difficulty: Average

art heist poster.png

Art Heist

Infiltrating the Crimson Frame art heist ring was a daunting task. Overcoming dogs, lasers, and locks, your team has reached the final challenge. All you have to do is break in to the ring leader's private art gallery and slip away with her most prized art piece. Simple right? Can your team get in and out in an hour, before the police arrive?

Colorblind individuals may struggle with this room.

For two to ten players.                                                     Difficulty: Beginner

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