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Quandary Escape Adventures offers a fun and unique fundraiser for your school, organization, club, team or non-profit organization.  Quandary Escape Adventures will reserve a Sunday for your organization’s members to book an escape room adventure.  Quandary Escape Adventures will donate a percentage of the day’s booking to your school, organization, club, team or non-profit organization.

20 people or less     Quandary will donate 20% to your organization.
21 or more                Quandary will donate 25% to your organization.

After you set a date and promote your event, members of your organization will go to Book Now and select a time for their adventure to begin on the assigned date.  Since this will be a closed event, anyone booked for that day will earn money for your organization.  Currently, three rooms are available for a fundraiser.   If you have more than 80 people, we can add the following Monday to your fundraiser.   

Contact us at 940.268.5970 to reserve your date.  


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