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Videos from Keynote

When it comes to marketing escape rooms, social media is vital. And when it comes to advertising on social media, you've got to get the attention of your customers quickly, as you are vying for attention while your customers scroll through memes, cat videos, and clickbait galore. What you really need is a snappy video. But not everyone has fancy video editing tools.

Don't worry. If you can make a two or three slide presentation, you can make a video in Keynote. Keynote, which is Apple's presentation software, is available FREE on iPhone, iPad, or mac. If you have one of those devices, and you don't have it, you should. Much like Powerpoint, it allows you to make slide shows. However it also has tons of cool animations and allows for a lot more creativity. Check out the video to learn how to make 5-15 second "commercials" for your Facebook or instagram feed.

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