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Go the Distance - Creation Crate 3

So I didn't much like this project. Largely because I don't see any way it can be incorporated into an escape room prop. It used some kind of radar sensor to calculate the distance an object was from the sensor. But I will admit that it began to address some of my previous concerns. Previously I had said that I felt like the crates weren't doing enough to help me understand how to write code and build electronics on my own. This crate did not have the same explicit instructions that the previous two did. It did have the complete code that simply needed to be copied, however the electronics diagram was not complete. They expected you to read the code and use it to figure out how things should be wired. This was complicated due to the typical structure of the lessons. Generally they have the hardware up front and the coding at the end. This required a lot of jumping around in the lesson, and really it could have been structured better. I will say that I managed to wire the device correctly, and although it isn't terribly accurate it did work as intended. I could use it to measure distance. Sort of.

Honestly I'm just moving on to the next project because I had very little interest in this one.

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